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Why Choose Benq?

Solutions Overview:

At Benq we are focused on providing a holistic approach to ICT solutions. proactive approach to developing ICT solutions helps our clients to remain competitive in their fields of operation.
Proactive management is based on timely deliveries and quality products.

BENQ entire range of products and services will help you improve performance, maximize your investments and avoid costly problems. We begin by conducting in depth consultations with our strategic partners from which we customize a comprehensive solution to meet your unique needs and budget. We become an extension of your business, partnering with you to engineer solutions that will benefit your company in the long-term.

The Core Team:

John Mwangi (Technical Director) - holds a Diploma in Computer Science and a City and Guilds Diploma in Information Technology an exam body from UK.

Ann Mwangi (Office Operations Manager.)- holds a Diploma in Procurements Management.

Benq Systems

Your preferred company in ICT and Office products